Mike Firestone, General Manager
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Mike was formerly president of Newark Processing, an aluminum recovery and recycling company that closed in 1996.  Mike began his career with CardWare, then known as The Supply Department, the following year.

He is married to Renee with her two children a boy and a girl, Alex and Taylor, still at home, along with two grown sons form an earlier marriage, Scott and Kevin.

Mike is a graduate of Zane State Community College, formerly Muskingum Tech, and has a background in Natural Resource Conservation, as well as business. While in high school in Norwalk Ohio, Mike was a four-year starter on the tennis team, and played in the band.  Over the past twelve years he has played drums, and provided vocals, for two Classic Rock bands.

Other hobbies include woodworking and remodeling; in the past fifteen years he has transformed three lower levels into recreational rooms or media centers.  Mike's favorite color is blue and his favorite food is Chinese.

What he enjoys most about working at CardWare is the diversity of his responsibility, the constant change, and the daily interaction with clients.

In addition to his GM role, Mike is the in-house person resposible for IT.  When asked about the most challenging aspects of his work, he answered, "PCI, along with staying current with changing regulations and mandates from association and government entities."

If failure were not an option, what would Mike like to do? "I'd like to be Governor of The State of Ohio."

His industry frustration is "the large number of people who don't fully understand the business, or their own responsibilities."

What thought would Mike like readers to take away?
"Be nice to your fellow man, be kind and considerate to people, respect each other."