Retail Emergency Kit
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Imprinters are the indispensable "spare tire” of retailing.
When (not “if”) your POS system goes down, or the processor is down, or there’s a power or telecommunications failure, these inexpensive, reliable workhorses keep you in business. They’re also helpful if your selling space expands temporarily for a special sidewalk or tent sale, and you need additional, remote transacting capability at low cost.

Cardware has a complete Retail Emergency Kit that helps retailers do back-up or manual processing without missing a beat. The kit includes an imprinter, imprinter plates, complete instructions, and a small quantity of sales drafts and credit slips.

The sales drafts are truncated, so the customer receipt does not display any customer information other than the last 4 digits of the cardholder account number. These truncated sales drafts are the most effective protection available in the industry today for preventing fraud. We’ll shortly add the kit to our new ecommerce site. For now, you can own one by calling 740-522-2150.