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Programming, File Building and POS Terminal Configuration

Cardware builds download files, and programs and tests all card and transaction types, including gift and loyalty, age verification, check guarantee, imaging, etc.  Our set-up for new merchants is designed for highest accuracy and speed, and eliminates redundant data entry – the single greatest cause of errors

Cardware’s certification on the platforms of all major processors allows decisions regarding processor, platform and application to be made on the basis of what’s in the company’s long-term best interest, rather than what’s easiest or least time-consuming.

Whatever choices are made, Cardware provides single-source terminal programmingconvenience.  And when there’s a conversion . . .

Cardware provides comprehensive reprogramming, using downloads from the processor, internal files or designated third parties.  Cardware personnel work with the merchant to speed and streamline the conversion process, providing assistance with:

  • Balancing and closing the terminal
  • Configuring the terminal for downloading and initiating the download process
  • Live test transactions
  • Training the merchant in the new process, with emphasis on new settlement procedures, terminal and host responses, card acceptance, anti-fraud and security measures

Accurate programming is the brain of every business.  By taking ownership of the outcome, Cardware assures that every deployment – and every conversion – is accomplished efficiently and effectively.

Cardware is certified to encrypt pin pads for all major processors and operates under ESO security rules.  Each client’s individual security
procedures, documentation, log-ins and passwords are established using a protocol virtually as secure as the encryption itself.