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CardWare is Your Best Source to Encrypt Pin Pads

CardWare is certified to encrypt pin pads for all major processors. We encrypt pin pads manufactured by Verifone, Hypercom and Nurit using the Triple DES 168 bit (3-round) algorithm, also DUKPT and Master / Session, and test via live debit transaction.

Each client’s individual security procedures, documentation, logs and passwords are established using a protocol virtually as secure as the encryption itself.  Each client provides Cardware with the master key, and we have a proprietary procedure for accomplishing this without compromising master key integrity. Fees to encrypt pin pads are minimal.

Cardware’s certification on the platforms of the major processors allows you to select the processor, platform and application best-suited to you.  Whatever you choose, and regardless of what decisions you make in the future, Cardware can provide single-source convenience and security for programming and encryption.