Banks & ISO's
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Services  . . .  Supplies  . . .  Support  . . .Single-Source For Banks!

Cardware is structured to meet the specific needs of small to medium-sized (“mid-market”) banks, with 2000 to 60,000 merchant locations.

For this special “mid-market” group, Cardware provides immediate, positive improvements in operational efficiency and problem-solving through:

  • Consistent delivery of quality products, equipment and services, at lowest possible cost
  • Innovative bank revenue sharing programs for corporate bank clients
  • Reduced merchant boarding costs, and fast implementation
  • Personalized, “take ownership” merchant services
  • Packages tailored to the needs and culture of the bank
  • The smallest number of vendors that’s practical
  • Comprehensive back office support
  • Profitable solutions for recurring revenue-sharing


Bank Revenue Sharing Programs

CardWare designs and administers a broad range of bank revenue sharing programs, managing all aspects of the program while the bank derives income from products and services. Typical bank revenue sharing programs are based on equipment, equipment service, set-up and programming and encryption. Also, training, supply replenishment, help desk services and shipping. 


Mid-market banks also tell us they need:

  • Merchant support with quality as good or better as what they'd provide themselves, but at lower cost.
  • Processes that interface seamlessly with their own
  • Comprehensive management reporting
  • Regulatory and tax compliance
  • A supplier who is independent of a processor
  • The flexible option of “branded” services
  • Maximum economies of scale

Cardware Care is structured to deliver . . . all of it. Products, service, support – virtually everything your merchants want, delivered thoughtfully and efficiently (and often in more than one language!)  CardWare Care is the program for mid-market banks – and for small banks who want to become mid-market.

Cardware is Your Back Office Solution and Best Resource for ISO Revenue Sharing Programs

If your goal is more time on sales, greater control, and fewer administrative tasks, Cardware can provide the high quality back office support to help that happen.

Our services include:

  • Single point merchant boarding: PC, virtual terminal and internet gateway applications
  • Intuitive on-line boarding, across multiple touch points
  • Automated building of download files
  • Portfolio conversions and software upgrades
  • Innovative ISO revenue sharing programs
  • Expert merchant service and help desk: assistance with PC and virtual terminal applications, including PCCharge, Micros, and others; troubleshooting and resolution of software issues.
  • Terminal programming and testing of all card and transaction types
  • Kitting
  • Pin pad encryption and testing via live debit transaction
  • Merchant training: tele-assist with equipment installation, tele-training in all aspects of processing
  • Flexible supply replenishment
  • Exceptional reporting

Cardware supports its ISOs by providing seamless, trouble-free transition support, any time an ISO decides to change processors.  With Cardware in your corner, you can make  processor decisions strictly on the basis of the best price and package, knowing we’ll make the transition for you, with no degradation of service.

Cardware Care delivers it all! Products, service, support and ISO revenue sharing programs – everything ISOs need to be efficient and profitable, and to keep acquisition costs low, retention high, and portfolios in “building” mode!   CardWare Care is the program for America’s most successful ISOs and MLS organizations.

FACT: Cardware clients experience 22% higher customer retention rates than industry norms;  experience 37% fewer problems with transaction POS equipment, and spent 18% less in support and service expenses, compared to the industry average. Interested?