Kristen Pelletier, Electronic Programming Technician
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Kristen P

Kristen and her wife Brittney currently reside in their hometown of Newark Ohio to be near family.  Kristen has one-step daughter, Kiersten who enjoys the outdoors and basketball. 

Family time is best spent going on bike rides. During the summer Kristen and her family can be found at various water parks while spending the winter in Ohio playing video games and watching movies.

Born and raised in Newark, Kristen obtained her G.E.D from C-Tech at 16 years of age.   She then pursued various employment opportunities until she began her career at CardWare in 2012.  Kristen has utilized a wide range of skills upon entering the workforce in 2008 starting at a small family owned computer shop where assisted with managing the business repairing computer towers and selling monitors.

She went on to pursue an employment program with Goodwill Industries as a clothes bailer in addition to training disabled adults on the importance of good work ethic and required job skills. Upon completion of that program Kristen then worked at Tencati making advanced armor/bullet proof vests for the military.   The various experiences helped her develop patience and communication skills.

Kristen was originally hired on with CardWare to ship in pic pac.  She has since been cross trained to oversee inventory control, receiving, repairing pos equipment and excelling in programming and deployment of electronic devices.

What does Kristen like about working at CardWare? “I enjoy the tight knit family atmosphere, we all work together very well.”

In her spare time, she enjoys swimming and has a passion for drawing fictional characters and scenes with charcoal pencils, which create unique results.

Kristen’s bucket list proves she entertains a challenge and adventure.  Kristen would like to travel to another country, fly a helicopter, do a survival challenge, be a business owner, build her own home, go on a cruise and race a custom muscle car. If failure were not an option she would become an artist.

Favorite color – “Red”

Favorite food – “anything philly cheese steak”

Favorite music – “Rock and Country”

Greatest Fear – Although Kristen is an excellent swimmer her greatest fear is drowning due to losing air.   

Favorite Car – “Nissan skyline which has a unique body style, powerful engine and the drivers seat is on the right instead of the left”.

Dream Vacation – “Cayman Islands, I love the beautiful, clear ocean and beaches, they are amazing.”

When asked whom she admires most, Kristen quickly responds. “My mother, she is the rock for the entire family.  She has been a single mother to my siblings and me since I was 13.  She always picks up the pieces when we need her the most and will help anyone out.  I cannot think of a single person I could rely on more.”

What is Kristen’s pet peeve?  “ I cannot stand to be looked down upon or doubted.”

Kristen is most proud of the person she has become and her family because she would not be where she is today without them.