Samantha Miller, Customer Service Representative
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Samantha has been with CardWare International for a year now.  She has worked in the customer service industry for the past 15 years because she loves working with people and the challenge of being able to solve problems.  Samantha has an Associates Degree in Information Technology from The University of Phoenix and currently working on a Bachelors Degree, which should be completed in 2014.

Born and raised in Newark, Samantha has stayed here in the Newark area where she and her “wonderful” husband Virgil raise their four children.  They have three girls Mckala 15, Ruthie 10, Faith 5 and son, Ron 13 years old.  They enjoy camping and spending time as a family.  So what does she like about Newark?  “ I love the area for a lot of reasons but I think the most important one is the fact that I have my entire family here.  We are very close knit and I think it is important for my children to understand the importance of family.”

In her spare time, Samantha enjoys reading and watching her children in their activities.  “My children are involved in sports and dance and my youngest just got selected to be a state finalist in a beauty pageant.”

Bucket List & Dream Vacation: Cruise thru the Bahamas. “I have never been on a cruise and I think it would be wonderful to see the ocean and to spend some time on the wonderful beaches.”

Favorite Food: BLT Pizza

Favorite Music: Christian and oldies

Greatest Fear: Heights

Favorite Car: Subaru

Favorite Color: Purple

If failure were not an option what would Sam do?  “Run for President!”

When asked who she most admired, she responded “Jesus Christ because he has always been there for me even when I didn’t deserve it.”

Asked what people who know her would find surprising about her?  “I had the wonderful experience of being able to go on a 3-week mission trip to Brazil in 2007.  I loved it, it has made me realize how truly blessed we are to be living in the wonderful country that we live in. I also love history and take every opportunity to learn more about it.”

What would she do if she could do life all over again?  “Some of the decisions that I have made, but I have learned that you cannot change the past it is better to look forward to the future.”

Of what is Samantha most proud?  “My beautiful children who teach me more then I could ever teach them.”

So, what is Sam’s pet peeve?  “People who pick on other people just because they are different.  Everyone was made differently for a reason.  This world would be very boring if everyone was the same.”

What is it that you like working at CardWare?  “It is definitely the people who are here and the ones that we have call in.  Everyone here is one big family and it is a wonderful environment to work for.”