Megan Marston, Lead Customer Service Representative
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MeganMegan resides here in Heath, Ohio with her daughter Alexis. Megan was born and raised in the nearby town of Utica, she is the youngest of three children. Older brother Chas works at JeldWen and resides with his wife Jenny in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  Her other brother Eric is a manager at AutoZone and resides with his wife Shelley in Lima, Ohio. Megan enjoys one niece, Rylee and two nephews Dylan and Rhett. Megan’s parents also live and work in Licking County. Her father Chic, works at Tech International in Johnstown and mother Marylou is employed at Aide and stepfather Joe works at the Owens Corning Newark Plant.

Megan graduated from Utica High School and Licking County JVS where she studied computer networking and applications.  She began her career with CardWare International in April 2011 in pick pack, programming, and deployment.  She is now a Customer Service Representative in the call center. Prior to arriving at CardWare Megan was a teller and call center representative at Fiberglas Federal Credit Union from 2003-2010.

In her spare time Megan enjoys scrapbooking, spending time with family and friends, going on cruises and traveling.

Asked what people would find surprising about her?  “I am shy and stubborn.”

When asked whom she most admired, that would be her Mom.  “She has always been there for me no matter what in good and bad times.”

Of what is Megan most proud?  Her 4 month old daughter Alexis for doing so great and coming a long way even though she was born 6 weeks early.

What is Megan’s pet peeve?  “Other drivers riding your bumper while driving.”

What is it that you like about working at CardWare?  “My coworkers and working in the different departments.”

What is yet to be accomplished?  “I’d like to finish college and get my business degree, travel to the West coast of the US and be a good Mom to my daughter.”

Dream vacation?  “Paris France and London England, to see the sights, culture and that side of the world.”


Color – Purple

Music – Country

Car – Mustang Convertible

Food – Chicken, pepperoni pizza with bacon

So what is Megan’s greatest fear?  “Snakes and spiders.”

If failure were not an option what would Megan do?  “Work as hard as I can to be successful in life!”