Sandy Jackson, Vice President
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Sandy_1Sandy Jackson currently resides in New Lexington Ohio with her fiance Lance. they bought an older home built in 1926 and spent 3 years remodeling the entire house.  They now have a beautiful daughter, Kamryn born in 2011.

Born and raised in New Albany before Les Wexner moved to town. Sandy graduated from Licking Heights and moved to Licking County in 1995 after the family home was sold. She pursued a career at Victorias Secret Catalog in the sales department, which she quickly learned that a career in sales was not for her. She found her niche in Customer Service then transferring to the special handling department wrapping up her career at VSC in fraud investigation before joining the CardWare team in February of 1997. 

Sandy was hired as a Customer Service Representative when CardWare, then The Supply Department and Imprinter Sales & Service were evolving into electronics (Omrons, Taltek 727 & Tranz).  She was quickly promoted to Customer Service Manager then to Special Projects & Client Implementations Manager in 2005, currently Vice President of CardWare International.  

What she likes best about working at CardWare is “I love variety, no two days are the same."  "I enjoy working with our customers, they are all really great people. This has truly been a fulfilling challenging career for me, I cannot imagine doing anything else."     

Her hobbies are gardening & swimming with Kamryn in the summer and scrapbooking during the winter months.

Sandy’s favorite food without hesitation is pizza, she doesn't have a favorite color. "I love all colors, there is an appropriate color for everything."

Sandy says, “People would be surprised to know that I grew up on a small farm we worked very hard, I was lucky to have 2 pairs of shoes.  Now I proudly own 300 purses and 175 pairs of shoes!"

Her pet peeve? “Oh, I have a million!  My daughter has really helped me to relax so I don't lose my patience so quickly."

If I could change one thing, what would it be?  “I would have pursued a college education and applied myself much earlier in life so I could have settled sooner and had six kids.”

If failure were not an option, what would Sandy do?  “I’m not sure, there are many things I enjoy  like photography and interior design." "I am fascinated with What Not to Wear on TLC, it would be fabulous to open a salon and provide an affordable one day makeover with wardrobe, you could really turn peoples lives around.”

If Sandy was not working, spending time with her family or shopping.  Where would her dream vacation be? “Two years ago I would have said Lance and I need to take a cruise to an exotic island.  Now we'd be happy taking our daughter on a family vacation to Disneyland."