Linda Caron, Staff Accountant
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LindaLinda Caron currently resides in Granville Ohio with her husband Dan of 32 years. They have a daughter, Laura who is 22 and la college student with a passion for dogs and a son Mike, 19 who is also a college student and has a passion for cars, especially Mustangs. 

Born and raised in Granville, Linda and her husband chose to remain in their hometown after the children were born due to Granville’s excellent school system.

Linda has an Associates Degree at COTC-Newark and a Bachelors Degree from Franklin University in Columbus Ohio.  She began her accounting career at MedBen, where she worked for 10 years, then onto River Valley Stone for 11 years. She was hired as the Staff Accountant at CardWare International in June of 2009.  Some of her many responsibilities as Staff Accountant include A/R, A/P, Corp Bank Invoicing-Month end processing and all other aspects of the accounting cycle.

What she likes best about working at CardWare is “the flexibility.”     

Her hobbies are coloring (for adults), exercise, boating or sitting in a beach chair just watching the waves, boats and time go by.  During the summer you’ll find Linda enjoying the beach from their cottage at Lake Erie.

Linda’s favorite food without hesitation is chocolate, with her favorite color being blue.

When asked whom she admires most, she quickly responded with her husband Dan.  He has so many great features, as a team they have accomplished so much working together to obtain similar goals.  Her greatest accomplishment that she is most proud of would be her children.  They really are great kids with wonderful qualities. 

Linda says, “People would be surprised to know that I love to exercise.”

Her pet peeve? “Driving, all of it.  When someone pulls out in front of me when NO ONE is behind me and than they go real slow, ugh! Or sitting waiting for a car to go by then they turn on their blinker at the last minute or not at all.”  Whenever driving, stay out of Linda’s way!

If I could change one thing, what would it be?  “My address.  I want to live in our cottage at Lake Erie.”

If failure were not an option, what would Linda do?  “I’d ride every roller coaster at Cedar Point with my kids.”

If Linda was not working, spending time with her family or on the lake where would her dream vacation be? “On a cruise!  I love going on cruises, can’t wait to go on #8.”  If it weren’t for the long flight, the South Pacific or Hawaii would be her next adventure.