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CardWare assists companies that understand the service aspect of the acquiring business to eliminate the hassles of merchant service for their customers as well as themselves.  CardWare Custom Solutions uses individual products or a combination configured for specific situations unique to your business.  

CardWare is a leading provider of technology, security, fulfillment and electronic transaction processing.  Order all of your equipment and supplies online today!

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Wall Street Journal
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The Wall Street Journal says Manual Devices Still Come In Handy

That is what Robin Sidel says in her WSJ article on 8/30-31. - Will Credit Card Breaches Give Knuckle Busters A Second Crack? Find the article at: .

Imprinters, knuckle busters, chunk-a-chunks never went away nor did good reasons for merchants to have a back up to electronic processing.

Electronics fail! CardWare’s BacPac has everything in one package for manual processing.

When Ms Sidel asked, Henry Helgeson, CEO of Merchant Warehouse, was not aware his company still sold imprinters.  Mr. Helgeson’s lack of imprinter awareness is very typical for today’s people new to the electronic payment industry.

Before smart phones, we used pencil and paper. Before electronic processing, merchants used an imprinter and sale draft. When electronics fail, I-Pad or POS, everyone still needs a back up.

Because card payments are the lifeblood of every business, an imprinter is really cheap insurance. It guarantees on-going card payments when the POS system is down, there is a power failure or communication is out.

Every business depends on card payment.  As PF Chang’s did, removing card transactions from a compromised POS system lets customers safely continue paying for products and services.

Manual card imprint on a sale draft is safe because it is not large quantities of magnetic stripe data.

Our electronic dependence reminds me of the man who when his key fob battery died, could not unlock his car. AAA used the key on his key fob to unlock the door, charging him a $100 service call.

CardWare won’t charge you $100 for an imprinter.  You can purchase CardWare’s BacPac for just $16 each or 10 for $150.

CardWare’s BacPac has everything for manual processing. Each package contains detailed manual card payment instruction, an imprinter, sale drafts and a few credits plus authorization phone numbers.

Merchants eagerly pay $25, $35 even $50 one time for this insurance. Whatever your price, it is a small price to pay to guarantee safe, on-going transactions on cards.

For electronic processing insurance, call 800-284-1313 or go on line to purchase imprinters or the complete BacPac.


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